MVC Extrication in Co. 6 First Due
By Firefighter Michael Ivie
July 14, 2017

On Friday, July 14th at approximately 11:12 hrs, Rescue Engine 141 and Paramedic Ambulance 149 operated at the scene, among many other units, of an auto accident on Rock Point Road in the area of Kings Farm Road today in Co. 6's area at approximately 11:15 hours. One patient was pronounced priority 4 at the scene, and the second patient later succumbed to injuries after being transported to the hospital. Our prayers are with both families during this very tragic time for them! Please be careful out there and remain constantly aware of your surroundings on the road always!

Many thanks to the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department for temporarily filling our quarters today!

Units: Rescue Engine 141, PA-149