EMS Standby for ONI
By EMS Chief Andrew Spalding
September 27, 2016

EMS Captain 14, Harry Knight, is the Emergency Management Officer at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Suitland Maryland. Every year his agency has a Family Day/Open House event, where employees are able to bring family members and show them how the work they do helps support many efforts in the war on terrorism throughout the world. Each year Harry brings the station EMS utility to be able to support the large number of people in the event of any medical situations that may occur. The request from his agency for him to be able to support their needs is the large number of possible pediatric patients and the lack of pediatric type medical supplies. This has been an ongoing support over the years and each year he is able to report to his agency that there were only very minor injuries reported and none that required additional EMS support. This year he was assisted by Bobby Johnson, the Deputy Chief from West Lanham Hills VFD (848A), who is also employed there.